Have you ever missed a call on your cell phone or home phone? Have you wondered who it was who had called, but they did not leave a message or voicemail? By using a reverse phone number search engine, you could find out the name of the person who called you.

People have hectic lives. You may be one of those people. It is not always appropriate or possible to answer your telephone, but you still want to know who is calling. Even if your telephone has a caller ID, it may not tell you the name of the person who called.

This is a great service to have available for people with multiple phone numbers for one person. If you are somewhat unfamiliar with the person’s home number because they always call on their cell phone, you may not realize who is calling. Later on, you may want to have this information.

It is also a great service to have if you use craigslist to sell things. You will get many inquiries, and not everyone’s caller ID works the same. It may show you the number, but not a name. It can be difficult if you have many inquiries about something to keep everything straight. Chances are, everyone who calls will be in the same area code, which does not help. It may be difficult to write down the person’s name and then write down their number after the call.

How To Use This Service
There are many reverse phone number search engines online available to you. Some of them are free, some require an inexpensive one-time fee, and some allow you to pay a yearly fee to use the service as often as needed. The latter option could be a good idea for those who own businesses.

First, you will find the best service for your needs. It may be beneficial to go to a few sites that offer this service and do some research before choosing one.

Second, you will register for the service if that is required. It is not required on all websites, so this step may be obsolete.

Third, you will enter the telephone number you have. You will start with the area code and then enter the seven digit number, for a total of ten digits. Many services do not require you to add dashes in between the numbers.

Fourth, you will click on the ‘search’ button. It may be labeled differently. You may also choose to press enter on the keyboard.

You will then be taken to a new page that shows you the details of your search. If the information was found on that number, it will either show you the information or ask you to pay for the information, depending on the site. Once you have the information you need such as name or address, you can print the page or close the window.

Using a reverse phone number search engine can be a big help when you have unknown callers or forget to write down the caller’s information. It may take a while to find the best search engine for your needs, but it will be well worth the effort.


Cell phones provide anonymity for some people that make harassing phone calls, unwanted telemarketing solicitations, or utilize unethical telecommunications technology. For many decades, customers could take their complaints to AT&T, before the break-up of the phone company conglomerate spawned today’s competitive communications industry. Mobile devices further complicated the average consumer’s ability to find current telephone information about other people, due to the vast increase in the number of phones and communications options. In the past, one directory assistance call could locate a number anywhere in the country quickly, but many people no longer maintain the landlines for which phone books provide listing information. However, competitive modern technology has provided a solution for looking up phone numbers or performing a reverse phone number search to discover the identity of a caller.

Online resources provide many search options, including Google searches and other free services to discover information about unwanted calls. Companies can also discover whether their employees make too many personal calls during working time by identifying these calls from legitimate business communications. Using the number instead of a name, computing power can quickly search multiple databases to identify the name of the caller if it exists in any directory. Unfortunately, disposable phone owners who provide false information can still hide their identities, but whatever information is available could help consumers narrow down the prospects to identify makers of unwanted calls. Annoying callers could also use another person’s phone to hide their identities, but in most cases people make malicious or inappropriate calls without taking these kinds of precautions, so consumers can identify them from their phone number.

Free online lookup services offer an obvious benefit, but many of these organizations will only provide partial information freely, such as where the call originated and whether it was a landline or mobile phone. To get an actual name, address, or other details, consumers must often pay a fee. The free services often lack the resources to trace unlisted numbers or cell phones.

Paid services offer the greatest efficiency for locating usable information. These companies include a satisfaction guarantee, so consumers that remain unsatisfied with the results get their money returned. The online information about phone numbers from paid services often proves very comprehensive, satisfying consumer curiosity or providing the customer with enough data to take further action to stop the unwanted calls. The negative aspects of paid services is that many require membership before they will look up information. Members usually must pay an initial fee. Depending on how many times consumers might use the service, the cost might not be worth the investment.

People who only need information about one number should try the free services first, and if they fail to identify the caller, then they can try paid lookup service. Many of the paid services offer additional research options that could benefit businesses or individuals. Paid services locate numbers quickly because they utilize advanced technology and update their lists frequently. Consumers can use these services to perform a reverse phone number search, name lookup of cell phone numbers, or discover the phone number of a physical address.